Centered in Pukekohe, our tiler services  Pukekohe, Franklin and surrounding districts. An eye for detail allows the Rock Doctor to create a tiling finish that will put a smile upon your face. Tiling bathrooms, entranceways, laundries, kitchens – you name it and we can tile it. Even just a tiny splash is not an issue for us ..

We mean it when we say “no job is too small”. Satisfaction and pride comes from the end result and not the size of the task at hand. In fact, it is not hard to disagree that we love the small jobs, the jobs other tilers do not want to touch.

Always maintaining our standard of reliability, honesty and workmanship, the Rock Doctor is an obvious consideration when selecting a tiler.

Marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain and so much more.

Have you started a project and need a helping hand? The Rock doctor has the utmost respect for the guys and gals that give it a go. Sometimes however, things just don’t go as planned unless you are experienced. We find sometimes a client is full of enthusiasm at the beginning of the task, but soon tires when it doesn’t work out as planned. If you need that job finished, if you need it tidied up a little bit, if you need someone just to do that tricky part, we can help. We don’t judge, we admire your enthusiasm so lets get it done together.

Please visit the contact page and we organize a quote for you.

All you need now are tiles. Have a look at the following link for who I would call our best local supplier. The tile warehouse is in Pukekohe, extremely knowledgeable and stock a range of the highest quality tiles you can find in New Zealand.

Tile Warehouse


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