Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry

Do you have an unsightly scratch or a chip on that beautiful stone benchtop or coffee table? Have you assumed it cannot be restored or repaired? Stone masonry is a passion. An apprenticeship as a stone mason  and years working in New Zealand’s leading masonry workshops allows the Rock Doctor to take on any task. Servicing Pukekohe, Franklin and surrounding districts. , repairs, refurbishment, this stone mason can do it. Chips often occur in the edges of benchtops in front of the sink and dishwasher, as this is the most used area in the granite or stone benchtop.

Accidents do happen but there is good news. If it is made of stone, even engineered stone, we can repair the chip and make it almost disappear.

Recently I had a client who was convinced her lovely stone island bench was completely ruined by an ugly chip. It just so happens this chip was on the front edge of an under mounted sink. I explained that this was a common area for this occurrence and came up with a suggestion. The pencil arris was to small and even a gentle hit while removing a frying pan from the sink could cause damage. So the obvious thing to do was while I was repairing the chip, reform the arris to allow it some tolerance against being struck with a solid object. Done, no chip, stronger and the culprit who kept quite about this accident is now allowed to do the dishes again. Cost effective and everyone is happy.


Whether it is a particular object you desire to be crafted out of natural stone, we will endeavor to create exactly what you are after or repair an unsightly scratch or chip, let us have a look and come up with some options for you.


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