Monumental Mason – Headstones

Monumental Mason-Headstones

Repairs and sales of headstones, gravestones and monuments in Pukekohe,  Franklin and surrounding districts. Monuments and a headstone are recognized by the Rock Doctor as an important part of history, not only for family members, but society as a whole. Maintaining this historic feel gives us a sense of pride that sends goose bumps up our arms and the enthusiasm is second to none.

Those old antique-style headstones, we love them! The Rock Doctor can restore, repair and get them looking fantastic once again.We can even build you one of the old style concrete grave surrounds (overledger) as well as repairing derelict ones.

Even modern headstones require specialist attention over the decades. Paint within the inscription and artwork is not exempt from natures behavior. To get the headstone looking pristine once again is not an expensive exercise, it just requires the ‘know how’ and the attention a monumental mason can give.

Quite often I am approached while working on projects in cemeteries about the state of some gravesites. The usual comment from passing foot traffic is the state of some of the monuments. Funny enough, a look implying I should really do something about it. It is unfortunately not quite that easy.

A family member has to give the go head and permits have to be applied for. However, in many cases, some of the larger monuments are in fact a health and safety concern.  In circumstances such as this, the council needs to be approached. Hopefully, a solution can be found to restore the obelisk to its former beauty and create an environment within the cemetery that is once again a safe place to visit.


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